IMG_20140412_095355Workshops are a good way to get introduced to Capoeira. In a short lap of time the basic elements of the art will be introduced to and give you a broad idea of  what Capoeira can be for you.

Our workshops are lead by recognized teachers who have years of experience in teaching Capoeira to kids and adults. You will be introduced to the history of  Capoeira, get to know the basic attacks, defensive techniques, acrobatics and music.

Each workshop is adapted to the physical level of training of participants. Either they are used to have a regular physical activity or not they will be able to fully enjoy the workshops.


Whether you are a Companie or a Private Customer we can provide various workshops possibilities:

  • a 1 to 2 hours unique session, which gives you a first introduction to Capoeira movements.
  • a 2 days workshop (4 to 6 hours each day), made out of various activities giving you a large and effective introduction to Capoeira, its movements and its music.
  • a 1 week workshop (5 days, 2 hours each day), a good way to get fit physically and the most effective way to get into Capoeira.


The session are divided into different parts:

  • Individual skilling and conditioning to develop flexibility and muscular capacity,
  • Two-by-two exercises to develop coordination and strengthen responsiveness,
  • Group combination in which all gather as one entity in order to make Capoeira happen.


1505075_679319562152681_8864485422899482832_nThe minimum number of participant for one workshop is 6 and the maximum 30. You can book one workshop or a series of workshop.

Capoeira is a great tool to develop team spirit, overcome fears, build confidence, develop trust among individuals and communication.

There is no special equipment required to practice Capoeira, only a flat surface is necessary to train. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, a beach or a fitness club, any space will do get introduced  to Capoeira.


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