Update, summer and departure

It has been months the last update. What happened during all this time? Here is a summary of all of it:

  • Tiago, Anicha, Namo, Khaled and others of the Terra Soul project left Auroville to build a new community in Portugal.
    Tiago was around Auroville since 6 years and decided to join the universal city few years ago. He is the one who started teaching in the villages, in Sadhana forest and TLC. Among other project he started Children lands in many different places, was giving concert with is band “Yemadas”, was involved in NVC,…
    We wish them to find what they are looking for and to not forget the good moment they had here.
    Axe irmaos e irmas.
  • Solene also left us. We wait for her return after the world trips she is preparing in order to research/work on development and evolution of the body (didn’t find a better to explain 😉 )
  • Jeremy visited Auroville earlier this year and joined us for a roda. He is hoping to come back to Auroville more regularly and may be stay for longer.
  • We our annual end-of-school-year roda in the new building of Last School.
    A great moment lit by candles light 🙂 As usual, no pictures were taken so if you want to have an idea about it join us next time.
  • Ana, the Pune teacher left India for an indeterminate time. Lets hope she finds a way to quickly come back here 🙂
  • S. Da India changed the way his classes work (from April onward) splitting them by level. The beginners can now join from 6h30PM to 7h30PM Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The classes are lead by Kiran and Gata.
The classes are now on “Summer mode”, relax and irregular until the heat leaves us more space to breathe.
More news in July.
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