September Visitors

199983_441932995841812_25044453_nAt the end of September we gladly received 2 visitors, one being from the Pune group and the other from Mumbai.

Natureza (in visit in India but originally from Brazil) started Capoeira few months ago with Ana in Pune and came to visit Auroville for about 10 days. She volunteered in Windara and participated to our classes. An appreciated visit full of exchange under the light of her beautiful brazilian accent. Gatinha, gatinha… 😉

A more surprising and highly unexpected visit was the one of Gata Dutta from CDO Mumbai. Coming towards Chennai on a week-end trip she decided to make a detour by Pondicherry and visit us. To tell the truth, the 30th of September was a heavy day but she and 2 of her friends still managed to reach AV regardless the car troubles and the misguidance from our city guards. They stayed for few hours and left after a short game. A crazy evening in fact 🙂

Girls, both of you are welcome anytime in AV. Let hope we see each other soon 😉

2 thoughts on “September Visitors

  1. Wow! I am so excited to see that there is a Capoeira group in Auroville and that you are (unsurprisingly) welcome to visitors. I will be visiting later in the year with the prospect of joining the community so I look forward to meeting up with you all. Axé!

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