October 2010 News

Since September 2010, the group practicing capoeira in the centre of Auroville have daily classes. There are now about 10 regular adult students learning to play on the Angola rhythm.

This year we try to explore different games and our main focus is: Angola, Sao Bento Grande, Jogo de Dentro and Apanha Laranja no chao tico-tico. We also try to use Cavaleria in the middle of the game to push the players to react to and be aware of the berimbau.

At the same time we are trying to adjust and correct the arrangement of the instruments according to dynamic needed for each specific rhythm.

Three of us are training once a week the Capoeira Regional of Mestre Bimba.

In Saddhana Forest Classes are held twice a week by Tiago and Ana welcoming Aurovilians, people of the surrounding area, long term volunteers, guests and whoever else might want to learn and enjoy Capoeira.

The people conducting the classes have started to train together in order to share their knowledge and to not keep a separation between the two sides of Auroville.

The work with the kids is still going on in the centre. We try with them to find other ways to play and to learn Capoeira.

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