Making instruments

One of the research which is ongoing since almost six years is to make instruments with material available locally. We already found solutions to replace beriba wood but since few months we are also making cabaças. Being in Auroville allows trying a wide variety of plants in order to make instruments. For the cabaça we had tried local gourds, coconuts, local fruits and got some good results. The last  experiences: papier mache and fiber glass. The former one is the one we chose to make most of our gourds as ecological but also easy to make anywhere in the world and by anybody. 

2 thoughts on “Making instruments

  1. I made one calabaça at home with paper mache but I really dont get the “fiber glass” part.
    Are you mixing it with the glue? Please explain 🙂

    1. Papier mache and fiber are for 2 separate calabash. Fiber is a mix of epoxy resin and fiber glass. It is stronger but much more poluting and expenssive. I’m not even sure the sound gets better. I thought of mixing both: some layers of papier mache et the last 2 covering he whole in fiber. Maye one day…

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