Korean students

Since three years, we receive a group of Korean students who travel around Asia.
This year, fourteen of them came and stayed for in Auroville for a month, enthusiastic to learn Capoeira Angola with us (because of the positive report of 2009’s group). This joyful group, older than the previous one, offered us an interesting perspective of teaching, enlarging our rodas and bringing into them some new energies. Their undoubted commitment made them wake up every second morning at 6 am to join the class. Unfortunately after some harassment on the road (something sadly regular on our roads), the girls stopped coming in the evening. It didn’t stop the handful of boys who, really motivated to discover Capoeira asked for extra classes and in which they might get a taste of a more “martial” capoeira.
We started this one month session with a full week workshop (a week supposed to be a vacation but their arrival changed it 🙂 ) led by two of our teachers.

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