Ginga Nagô: Travelling Rendezvous

The Travelling Rendezvous of Ginga Nagô are meetings in which Mestre Branco, the professors & students of the group share privileged moments around workshop, rodas, food and evenings. It is a time to strengthen the link between all the antennas of the group in France, a laboratory of research, exchange and creativity as well as a forming time for the members of the group.
If you are in France, participate to those events:

  • 15th/16th of October -> Nantes (Espace Culturel Jules Bréchoir)
  • 17th October -> Poitiers (Gymnase des Ecossais)
  • 6th November -> Paris
  • 9th November -> Ancenis (Bois Jaunis)
  • 19th November -> Saint Nazaire

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