First Batizado in Pune

473686_10151129727592437_55270526_oCapoeira in India is still something new. It started around 12 years with the first classes in Auroville and solidified around 5 years with CDO Mumbai / Auroville Capoeira. Since then, the number of addict grew with CDO presence in GOA, a capoeira group active in Bangalore, recently some angola classes in Mumbai and who knows where else. We are few ones in this mystic country on the other side of the globe from Brazil but still the passion reached us and is just starting to expand.

Two years ago, Ana came from the US to live in Pune. Willing to share her knowledge and transmit her passion she started offering weekly classes. Today the group counts around 13 adults, few kids and is constantly growing.
For their first batizado they invited the people from the Auroville Capoeira Group. Sam managed to free himself and attempt the workshops prepared the week of the 24th of July.
The beginning of the event waspaced by workshops from Kader (Capoeira Brazil Paris) andSam (Capoeira Auroville). The rest of the week was marked by the arrival of Mestre Caxias (Abu Dabi), supporter of the event who lead the last workshops and guided the batizado.
Surely the week was filled with sweat, muscle sore, fun, laugh, friendship and of course….Capoeira.
The batizado happened on the Saturday with the presence of many from CDO Mumbai and even Instrutor Baba.
If you are around Pune, are capoeirista or want to learn have no hesitation as the beautiful family of Capoeira Pune is most likely to find aplace in your heart.
Thanks for your work Ana and thanks to your group for this wonderful event.
Axé 🙂

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  1. I am moving to Pune this month and am interested in training capoeira. Is there still a group that plays and if so – what are the details on class dates and locations?

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