Edward L Powe

Tuesday 4th of September we had the visit of Edward L Powe author of  “The ABC and B-A-Ba of Capoeira Angola”.

Arriving in Auroville at lunch time he met with few of us for a meal. At 3PM we moved towards Deepaman School where he showed the capoeira students how to play Zulu Chess and offered them a capoeira workshop mostly based on defense techniques. At 4.30PM the available adults joined the kids for a short movement session followed by the sharing of dance/capoeira videos he filmed during his trips. As a researcher Edward traveled around the world several time to collect informations about martial arts, dance, games and other ancient practices.
This unexpected meeting turned out being an interesting sharing with a person knowing capoeira from another angle. In the scope of his researches he learnt capoeira angola with Mestre Pastinha in 1967 amd shortly met with Mestre Bimba. From that and various meetings with different capoeira groups he made his on teaching method of capoeira.
Definitely a knowledgeable person which we would have liked to keep a bit longer with us.

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