Capoeira: The Warriors Dance

The Eco Film on Friday, February 5th: Capoeira: The Warriors Dance. You are all invited to our Brazilian Night to enjoy the rhythm of Samba, Axé, the art of Capoeira, the dance of Makulele, and Feijoada (Brazilian traditional food).

The film “Capoeira: The Warriors Dance” is a real story about Capoeira, the dance that transformed the lives of two masters, Tim Balada and Boca do Rio, who are now changing the lives of many kids and people in the favelas, the poor slums of Brazil. Directed by Christophe Bernard and presented by actor Vincent Cassel, the movie follows these Brazilian masters in search of the origins of this tribal dance. This beautiful documentary explains what Capoeira is, its origin from the African slaves, and shows how the art that was forbidden for so many years is now spreading around the world.

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