Capoeira Festival: A Vadiação das Velas 2016

It started in 2009, when before going to Brazil Samuka organized a roda to happen with all students, mixing young and younger from all horizon in a magical moment!
Since then, the tradition sticks and the unique roda continues to happen every year with the presence of family and friends. Sometime intimate, this year the roda opened towards a large festival welcoming the first venue of Mestre Branco in India. Along with him friends will help create the necessary atmosphere:

  • Mestre Branco (BRAZIL / FRANCE)
  • Professor Esponja (FRANCE)
  • Professor Samuka da Índia (AV)
  • Monitor Chico (INDIA)
  • Monitor Sucuri (INDIA)
  • Monitor Melao (DUBAI)
  • Pierre Angola (AV)
  • and others to be confirmed….

From the 11th to the 14th of February 2016 those teachers will share their knowledge with you through workshops of movements, music, culture, craft, dance,… Without forgetting our magical rodas.

Come along with your friends in this four days adventure open to all.

When? 11th to 14th of February 2016
Where? Auroville / Pondicherry (India)
How much?

-> 3500 INR for aurovilians
-> 4200 INR standard prior the 11th of January 2016
-> 5600 INR standard after the 11th of January 2016

The above covers the access to all workshop, rodas, show, party + the dinners during the festival & the lodging.

-> 600 INR / workshop on spot

How to register?

Help us to put some spice in the festival:

or via our FS Account 251616

Source:: Ginga Saroba’s website

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