Angola, Regional & Contemporânea: Capoeira workshop

Often being described as a game of life, Capoeira is a mirror of one’s strength, weaknesses and apprehensions… It is a fight hidden within a dance. Little of its early history is known, as it originated in Brazil in times of slavery and attempts were made to destroy the documents relating to it.

One of our attempts in Auroville is to explore the different currents of Capoeira – Angola, Regional de Mestre Bimba, Contemporânea – and to catch hold of their essential differences through movements, music and the precise energy behind each one.

Capoeira Angola : refers to the capoeira which seeks to preserve the ancient traditions of the game existing before the creation of the ‘Regional’ style. It is a direct evolution of the primal capoeira from the times of slavery and its development on the streets. It can be described as the deepest and most ‘colorful’ game in which cunning, malice and trickery are powerful elements. For visual examples of it, click here.

Capoeira Regional : created in 1930 to offer an alternative to the Capoeira Angola which was becoming at that time increasingly folkloric. It was cleared from every unnecessary movement, it is described as an objectively oriented style. It can be seen as the most lively and direct form of the art of Capoeira. For visual examples of it, click here.

Capoeira Contemporânea : often mistaken as Capoeira Regional it is a form originated from the latter. Taking bases of Capoeira Regional it adds to it acrobatic & areal movements as well as velocity; at times it weaves in too elements particular to Capoeira Angola. This is the most popular current of Capoeira; the closest to other martial-arts and generally the most spectacular. For visual examples of it, click here.

All are invited to discover Capoeira in its various forms through 3 workshop :

Capoeira Angola: Saturday 5th of November in Deepanam School from 8.30AM to 11.30AM and in Pitanga from 3PM to 6PM.

Capoeira Regional: Saturday 12th of November in Deepanam School from 8.30AM to 10.30AM and in Pitanga from 3PM to 5PM.

Capoeira Contemporânea: Saturday 19th of November in Deepanam School from 8.00AM to 9.30AM and in Pitanga from 3PM to 6PM.

Each workshop is independent. A great part of the focus will be for each practitioner to find the form(s) of Capoeira which suits him/her the most and to be initiated to it. We will practice the movements of Capoeira, its music and some of the asides (such as Samba: a Brazilian dance, Maculélé: a stick dance). The workshop will be lead by Pierre, Tiago & Sam.
There is no age limit and no specific physical abilities needed as everyone will learn according to its own pace and possibilities.
The workshops are free of cost but a contribution will be asked to guests/volunteers for the space at Pitanga.

The regular classes held during the week following each workshop will be dedicated to the form practiced during the workshop. Here is the schedule for November:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6.30 AM – Deepanam School
Tuesday, Thursday: 7.30 PM – Deepanam School

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