Alegria Brazil


Last Friday was Brazil night at the Eco Film Club, to start February the festive month of carnival. Our day began early, 6:15 AM like every day of the week. Together in a big circle singing a Brazilian song that woke us up in alegria, joy. Today you’re in Brazil, you have to be happy, said Tiago. There was no need for the command, I think I can say that most of us kept on smiling until late in the night. Because there was joy in the morning work, joy in the preparations, excitement also, joy in the music and the dance shared in the afternoon, capoeira vibes, joy in the movie we watched with all the guests crowded in the main hut or even standing outside because there was no place to sit anymore (these Friday nights have become very popular!). And there was joy in the wonderful vegan Brazilian dinner. You should have seen the chain of plates passing through the hut to serve all the friends of Sadhana Forest. You should have heard the serving crew singing and singing while filling hundreds of plates. And you should have tasted the sweetness and the colors of the dinner.

Then was the time for a nice performance. A live illustration of the history of capoeira, the second national sport of Brazil (after soccer). But much more than a sport, capoeira is actually a way of living, a philosophy. Back to the smile and the joy that I mentioned first: capoeira came to the African slaves in Brazil as a way of freeing themselves. Because capoeira is a training in physical strength, concentration and balance. It’s full of positive energy and sharing. Fighting and dancing at the same time. Making music and singing. Smiling. Alegria.


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