Capoeira Groups

At the moment only one group offers Capoeira classes in Auroville:


Ginga Saroba (Ginga Nagô India)Ginga Saroba logo

Initiative of Prof. Samuka da Índia & his students, Ginga Saroba is a Capoeira group based in Auroville / Pondicherry / Chennai and a branch of the Ginga Nagô (Brazil / France / Spain / Senegal / India) group led by Mestre Branco (Brazil / France).

Prof. Samuka da Índia started learning Capoeira in 2000 with Mestre Branco. He is sharing his knowledge of capoeira movement, history, tradition, music & culture with Auroville community continuously since 2007.

The group works on developing the Capoeira form inherent to each individual in the respect of the tradition and in the understanding of the actual evolution of Capoeira but also shares and develops locally Brazilian culture.



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