A Peacock from Czech Republic

Since few weeks Graduado Pavão from the Abadá group is in visit in Auroville with his partner.

They have been a really appreciable presence, coming regularly to our classes, respecting the traditions of Capoeira Angola and the way of working of the group.
Pavão, carpenter as per profession, is also teaching the Svaram people to make atabaque in order for them to share this knowledge with us but also with the growing capoeira scene in India.

After giving a workshop to Nandanam school students he is now offering one for adults from the 20th to the 23th included in the Tibetan Pavilion.

This beautiful couple is unfortunetly heading back to their country this week. We hope to have a longer and less busy schedule for our next exchange when they will come back as they will 😉
Waiting for that, here are few pictures of the workshop:

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