A Juicy trip to Pondy

Looking for ways to fund-raise for our group, ‘Sem Camisa’ and ‘Dendê’ had the great idea to use their talent for juicing.

So, on a hot Saturday of July our group rode Juicy Lucy to Pondy and spent the afternoon there to play Capoeira. Explanation, Juicy Lucy is the Unit John (Sem Camisa) created with Dendê. They make and sell juices in Auroville in front of the Solar Kitchen. You will recognize them easily as they drive an Indian tricycle (a vandi) on which is mounted a mixer.

At 1.15, we moved from Auroville and first went to the Bharahty park but got kick out by neighbors scared of us taking over their business. We ended up close to the Gandhi statue guided by policemen and street kids curious to know what we were going to do.

The afternoon went wonderfully and we achieved our goal, people from Pondicherry being very present and intrigued.

The way back was the hardest though, arriving to Kuilapalayam the vandi got punctured and we had to abandon it to a friend for the night.


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